Cosmic Excuse

by Fixtures

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Tracks 1-6 recorded at home in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn 2012
Track 7 recorded at home in Jamaica Plain, MA 2010

Available on cassette October 2012


released September 7, 2012

All instruments and vocals: Kris Liakos
Cover art: Val Wisman
Tracks 1-6 mastered by Jeremy Siegel



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Fixtures Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Ghost Relays
The race was today
You sped to first place
On top of your game
When you find your space
Against the rail

Ghost relays
Ghost relays
We all gave you chase
On this hazy day
On your side of town

The side where you lie
Right there on the track
With the sun in your eyes
Blocked from the view of the grandstands

Binding words
In signed contracts
The end of the world won't break this pact
You doubted that?

To run you're here
You stop, you die
A jury of tears
In the grandstand

The race was today
Not a hair out of place
We lost you to luck
And a blinding pace
On your side of town

Ghost relays
Ghost relays
Ghost relays
Track Name: 10 O Clock
I can't leave the house cause the dog's in here
And someone's gotta feed him
at 10 O' Clock
I can't leave the house so you guys just go
And I'll see you tomorrow

I just got a girl but I'm not sure why
I always gotta call her
by 10 O'Clock
I just got a girl and she's sick of me
Cause I fell asleep under the Christmas Tree

Tomorrow's gonna be a decent day
I'm gonna go to the park and walk around
I gotta be at The Palace
by 10 O'Clock
Everybody's there and everybody's drunk

I just read a book about my hometown
A tiny little place in New England
I feel like it was all made up
I didn't recognize a single thing
Track Name: Annabelle Of Athens
There's beauty and there's Anabelle
There's beauty and there's Anabelle
Her French husband
Is contemptible

And we don't speak it's just as well
We don't speak it's just as well
No Athens, Georgia
to New York phone calls

And oh, Anabelle
You'll probably go to Paris
For the summer
While I'm blacking out
Drinking beer with my drummer

I'm haunted by my sense of smell
It drifts up on me like a ghost
When other people
Wear her same perfume

But you could never even tell
You could never even tell
I just
Up and leave the room

Oh, Anabelle
We're strangers and that's strange
I keep blacking out
You wouldn't know me
I've changed

My friends are getting tired as hell
My friends are getting tired as hell
Of hearing
About her
And I wish I could stop
Track Name: The Flag Song
We had a flag, we had a big old flag
We flew it everyday

And it hung outside our apartment
Until the day the parade came

But the flag, yeah the big old flag
Just flew away

But oh man, you should have seen it
You should have seen it wave
Oh man, you should have seen it
I'd have taken it to my grave

But the flag yeah, the big old flag
Just flew away

We had a flower, we had a beautiful flower
And we loved it a lot

And it grew behind our apartment
In a vacant lot till it got too hot

And the last petal to fall said
Loves me not

But oh man, you should have seen it
You should have seen it grow
Oh man, I wish you had seen it
It's the only way you could have known

Now the only beautiful flowers are just seeds being sewn
Sprung from a dandelion whose mind got blown
Track Name: Under The Azaleas
She scraped up her arm
Under the azaleas
Looking for her keys

He knew that they weren't there
Under the azaleas
Because he'd thrown em in the creek.

Maybe some ice would help
Or maybe a cup of tea
I'll bring em to you, you lay down and read

She lifted up her arm
Higher than her heart
Just like she'd seen on TV

All is forgiven
As long as you're living, with me

All is forgiven
As long as you're living, you'll see
Track Name: Keep Counting
You got an ear for music
But you don't know how to tune it
You got a mind for mathematics
But a tendency to lose it

You wrote a novel on your hand
About a flood that drowns a band
I read it and said, "Yeah man I get it."
But that don't mean I understand

I got a lot of nerve
Talking to you this way
Don't I think you deserve
A chance to have to your say?

You got a rabbit in your hat
But you still go around wearing that
Oh, I've known the truth for years
Cause it's too hard to hide those ears

I've seen you saw people in half
Not for a trick, just for a laugh
I'll pull that coin out of your ear
And buy a ticket out of here

It took a lot of drinks
To talk to you this way
And now it's time I think
We go our separate ways

One whole year without me around
Two whole years without me around
Three whole years without hearing this sound
Keep counting

Four whole years without me around
Five whole years without me around
Our whole lives without being around
Keep counting